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May 13 + 14, 2019


Geoff Matthews

Geoff Matthews

SVP, High Rise Development
Great Gulf Group of Companies

Geoff Matthews has been an integral member of the High Rise Development Team specializing in high density mixed-use projects at Great Gulf. Since joining the organization in 2006, Geoff has managed a variety of urban land redevelopment processes both locally and abroad. Currently the Senior Vice President of High Rise Development, Geoff Matthews oversees the development of Great Gulf’s High Rise Projects across Canada and the United States. This work includes acquisition and underwriting efforts, working collaboratively with local government officials and directing the design team members to create unique projects with award-winning design.

Geoff has a broad skill set that aligns well with the all-encompassing industry of land development. Complementing his analytical skills is an ability to communicate effectively with industry leaders and maintain an attitude of integrity and trust. This enables him to realize the company’s ongoing commitment to superior quality development, exacting construction standards and design excellence.

Geoff holds an engineering degree from Queen’s University and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business with a specialization in Real Property and Infrastructure.

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